Our Science

Centauri Therapeutics is an immunotherapy company focused on infectious diseases. Centauri’s approach to treating infectious diseases rests upon proprietary Alphamer® technology. All projects harness a powerful and clinically validated immune mechanism which redirects naturally existing antibodies to treat life-threatening diseases.


Alphamers are modular molecules with three components.

A targeting moiety whose structure recognises and binds to a target of interest on the pathogen. This moiety may be a small molecule, a monoclonal antibody or peptide, for example.

A customisable, proprietary linker.

The immunological effector moiety which displays sugar epitopes, leading to the recruitment of pre-existing polyclonal antibody repertoire.

The Centauri Alphamer process

Alphamers operate by attracting the body’s own pre-existing polyclonal anti-glycan antibodies.  Coating of the antibodies leads to an acute immune response including cytolytic events such as complement fixation.

For example, in Gram-negative bacteria:

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